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The Necks
The Necks will be back in Europe in 2023 - happy to hear any beautiful invitations! 2022 album no. 22 will be released late Northern summer - double LP, CD and digital.
Alexander Hawkins
New project Mirror Canon- Trio plus guests, released Break A Vase on Intakt. Live concerts ahead with Joe McPhee & Decoy, his Trio, Matt Wright, and with Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten & Paal Nilssen-Love's Guts and Strings Octet. Commission for Pierre Boulez Saal Berlin later this year.
Kamilya Jubran
Kamilya Jubran has a genius for creating sounds so unusual that they unhinge the listener from place and time (The Wire 2020). The Palestinian European-resident vocalist and oud player continues her 20 year duo with Werner Hasler - 2019 release WA on Everest Records, with new developments this year.
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Potsa Lotsa XL & Youjin Sung
Silke Eberhard leads Potsa Lotsa XL with guest Youjin Sung on Korean gayageum, release Gaya on 25 March, Trouble in the East Records. ..light-footed, rhythmically and structurally complex, emotional and technically superb Freejazz Stef
Australian Art Orchestra
Hand to Earth will perform in Europe in June and November 2022. Album released October 2021 -The oldest living culture on earth, ancestors and country carried in the voice, meets improvisers and electronics.