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The Necks
The Necks will be back in Europe in 2023 - happy to hear any beautiful invitations! 2022 album no. 22 will be released late Northern summer - double LP, CD and digital.
Alexander Hawkins
New project Mirror Canon- Trio plus guests, released Break A Vase on Intakt. Live concerts ahead: Trio (Neil Charles, Stephen Davis), duo Sofia Jernberg, duo Tomeka Reid, and commission for Pierre Boulez Saal Berlin late October with Sofia, Tomeka, Nicole Mitchell, Matt Wright, Gerry Hemingway and Alexander.
Kamilya Jubran, Werner Hasler
The 20+ year collaboration of Kamilya Jubran oud/vocals & Werner Hasler trumpet/electronics gave us WA in late 2019 Ein Kunstwerk! (JazzNMore). They continue their exploration of new sonic and phonetic territories with extend WA this August to November in a monthly residency at Prozess Bern.
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Potsa Lotsa XL & Youjin Sung
Silke Eberhard leads Potsa Lotsa XL with guest Youjin Sung on Korean gayageum, release Gaya on 25 March, Trouble in the East Records. ..light-footed, rhythmically and structurally complex, emotional and technically superb Freejazz Stef
Australian Art Orchestra
Hand to Earth back from June dates in Europe, returning there November 2022. Album released October 2021 -The oldest living culture on earth, ancestors and country carried in the voice, meets improvisers and electronics.